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Our Process

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All of our work is done directly by our in house specialists

Stripping The Roof

We start our roofing work with removing all the shingles currently on the home. Throwing them directly into a provided dumpster to ensure we keep your home as clean as possible.

Thorough Inspection

Our contractors will inspect your roof after removing all shingles, and look at all the plywood to ensure there is no water damage or rot. If any is found, we will supply the first five sheets of plywood.


All of our roofing jobs will receive a synthetic underlayment to help your roofing system. This will be attached directly to your roof decking, and will provide an extra layer of protection from elements such as rain, snow, and wind.

New Shingles

Our contractors will reroof your home with premium shingles to ensure a long lasting roofing system. Our contractors will make sure that all roof planes weave together and leave a seamless beautiful look when completed.

Final Inspection & Clean Up

After everything is completed, our contractors will throughly inspect their work to ensure that everything was done correctly and is held to the highest standard. We will then walk your yard and make sure that any construction debris are removed.

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